Tuesday, April 17, 2007  

Free "PR 38" Links


Imagine the
power of a link from a PR 38 site?

Plus having
links from over 10 different C Class Blocks

Imagine how
much this can boost your rankings in the search engines?


"PR 38" I hear you

Well, not exactly one site with PR 38 but PR of 38 distributed

the domains we have put our Digg site scripts on.

We have created a complete Social bookmarking website and
Posting Solution.

We currently have 15 websites in our Social Bookmarking

These have a PR of 5 down to 0

I have included my own money making websites, in this group to

very strong backlinks for those who use this service to post
their links across.


Secret Sauce!!

We have added our own secret source to the Digg Social
Bookmarking scripts

and to the Digg Submitter software application to keep the
integrity of these websites.

You will see I have Adsense on these sites and I have put
precautions in place to keep

these websites in impeccable order, so you can feel very safe
posting your links across

this network.

This network will grow over time. You also have the ability to
add your own website if

it passes our selection criteria. This site will have your own
Adsense code on it.


It works like this.

You simply download the zip file, unzip it, read the
instructions, register to the Digg

Social Bookmarking websites, then save this info, enter your

The Software will crawl this URL, then press Submit

Your URLS will be posted across the entire network of Digg
Social Bookmarking websites.

The list of sites currently in this network

PR 3

PR 4

PR 4

PR 2

http://mydiggs.wpburner.com PR 4

http://mydiggs.peterdrew.net PR 4

http://aad-check-this.info PR 0

http://kilgore2005.com PR 5

http://shuoboshi.com PR 4

http://tigofwar.com PR 4

http://kittykalloo.com PR 4

http://air-chartim.com PR 0


First first link posted to site 1. second link posted to site
2 etc.

You will end up with many incoming links from different IP's
and C Class blocks to the interior

pages of your domain.

You can even select the category that is related to your
domain for more relevant incoming links.

(will be implemented soon, most likely by the time you read



How Much would you expect to pay for this

Well let me describe how this Software and network came about.

We created this as a test software application, come, server
script, come,

network system, for what will most likely be the
biggest and revolutionary

backlink system on the internet
exclusively for our Viralinstigator.com members.

Which grew out of our new update plans for our aging site

We used our own money making domains to prove that this is a
serious application

(We wouldn't risk our own money making sites unless this
system was perfected, which it is)

From all of this testing, we realised!!

This would be our way of giving back to
the people

who have supported us to date.


So the Price for this Digg Social
Bookmarking Network is ?

YIP, Nada, Nothing, FREE! Thats $0.00 up
front and $0.00 per month for ever!

We will also allow our existing members to help grow this
network by supplying us with their

own domains at the same time increasing their Adsense revenue.

We will be accepting donations for the ongoing improvement of
this product over time, so

feel free to click on the Paypal Donation button below if you
think this system provides

benefit to your online business


Once you download the software and start it up, feel free to
email the link to the software to

your friends they can download it and use it immediately.

Download the Software here now.


(Follow the instructions in the readme.txt file included in the zip file)


to make a donation.


If you would like to add your domain to this network

and you have a PR 4 site or higher that's not performing

add it to this network and give it and the network a boost.

This domain will need to pass our quality inspection to be

We will need the ftp information for this domain and this
needs to be current for the duration that this domain is in our network

To submit a request for domain inclusion please create a
ticket at


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